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I stumbled across PhotoVision in 2013 and while I processed some color work through there, it was their B&W work that keeps them on my active list of labs.

Costs & Offerings

While they offer the typical services at the typical prices, what is striking about them is they are the only lab I know off that does B&W processing and scanning at a far better price than their color stuff.

For example for B&W process and scan of their normal size
35mm  $10
120  $10
220 $20

This rivals most labs budget prices although the other labs typically don’t offer B&W as part of their budget scan options.

Combined with the quality of their B&W work makes them a top choice for lovers of monochrome.

My experience with the lab

While I did send some color though – I never worked with them enough to truly dial in my color preferences enough to get consistent results that I’d been accustomed to, although in all fairness much of the color film was experiments with expired films and no lab would likely be able to dial it in perfectly.  It’s not that the results were bad by any means, but I saw no reason to switch my color work to their lab if it was just about the same.

Photo vision remains on my list of labs however for B&W work, I love their results and with a price that rivals most labs budget costs, it simply can’t be beat.

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While I didn’t find enough reason to switch over to PhotoVision for the bulk of my color film work, looking at the their blog and instagram feed it’s pretty easy to see they produce results that are on par with the best of the current crop of film labs.

But if you love B&W film – you owe it to yourself to give them a try.  At their prices you might be able to enjoy a lot more B&W film running through your daily carry cameras since you can get it processed and scanned at a cost that rivals most labs budget color C-41 scans.

PhotoVision Website

PhotoVision Facebook

PhotoVision Instagram

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