A New Start

A new beginning, but with a tool set that’s very old.

For the past eight years I’ve made my living as a full time photographer, mostly focusing on photojournalistic weddings.  During those last few years I started going back to film cameras for some of my portrait work during the wedding day.  A few international awards and a some hard work found myself doing really well at this with over 100 weddings documented.

Unfortunately due to health reasons I found myself at the end of 2014 for the most part not being able to continue shooting weddings, so the business closed it’s doors and I went back to work in IT.  About that same time I needed to raise money to get cateract surgery for my dog Porthos to save his eyesight. Having a huge camera collection and no reason to keep it – I let go of just about everything, cameras can be easily replaced, family members can’t.

I’ve started to replace a few of the things I sold back in 2014, but an focusing on the film cameras.  For my personal work that’s where my passion lies right now.  So far I’ve got the two Canon AE-1’s I kept and a Pentax 645Ni medium format.   It’s not much – but is a start, it’s enough.

I felt this new beginning needed a new web site.   The Mark Hayes Photography site – that represents the years of self employment and being a full time photographer.   I wanted something that just represents my passion, so I started I took advantage of some of the internets new domain extensions and started

For me there’s a lot that goes into the love of film, not just the unique and organic look of a true analog capture, but also something about the process, simpler cameras, no menus, just you and your knowledge of photography.  It also brings me back to my roots of when I first fell in love with photography and the Canon AE-1 was state of the art in it’s technology.  I often wonder how many of the digital cameras from the last 10 years will still be in use around 2050?

Hopefully in the weeks to come I’ll be able to document my journey back to film and share some samples of my film work.

The pictures of Porthos where both captures on a Pentax 645N.  The color is Kodak Portra 400, the B&W Ilford 400.

Mark Hayes Photography_0783

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