Baby Pics – or why was the Pentax 645n one of the first film cameras I replaced

So last year when I got rid of virtually all of my gear for a surgery for me dog, this little boy is one of the reasons I opted to obtain a Pentax 645N and lenses.   See this last weekend I did a little family session with him and his parents.

In the weeks leading up to this I realized I just could’t capture the shots I wanted on the digital cameras I still had left.   For the look and feel I wanted, I had to turn back to film.

So hopefully when I get the shots back from the lab I’ll be able to add a few more shots of this little guy along with his parents.

Denver Film PHotography_0798Denver Film PHotography_0801Denver Film PHotography_0800Denver Film PHotography_0799


All these where shot on a Pentax 645N using the FA 150mm Pentax lens.   Film was Portra 160 and processed by The FIND Lab.