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Indie Film Lab

So in 2012 I jumped around a lot with film labs, both national and local, but it wasn’t until the second half of 2012 when after a few months of trying different “settings” looks on their website and sending in images for my “profile” when I first settled down on Indie Film Lab as my primary film lab and would use them for 90% of my work from mid 2012 through the 2013 and felt that I was truly beginning to feel like a film photographer.

Indie Film Lab is a huge supporter of the resurgence of film, sponsoring Framed Networks web series FILM in it’s second season as well as for their work with Kodak on the documentary “Long Live Film”.

Costs & Offerings

Indie Film Lab is clearly right in the middle of the pack as far as pricing goes, seemingly looking for that perfect intersection between cost, quality and turn around speed.

35mm runs about $18 for the basic size with 120 coming in at $15 and 220 at $30.

At first glance their sizing can be a little bit confusing since it based on the scanner used, a 35mm XL scan on the Noritsu is actually larger than the XXL 35mm scan on the Frontier.

Since I was using them in 2012/2013 they’ve added some exciting features.

Budget Scans
$10 for 35mm, $8 for 120, $16 for 220
While these prices are exceptional they are uncorrected “auto pilot” scans of the Noritsu with “no color or density correction” according to their website.

Imacon Scans
When you really want to go big and with exceptional quality – there’s Imacon, but at $20 a frame you’ll want to save it for those special shots.  However this is still an exceptionally good price compared to say drum scanning of negatives.
Large Format processing and scans, standard E-6 slide processing and printing are other additions to their growing list of services.



My experience with the lab

I used them heavily for professional and personal work from mid-2012 through 2013.   Once we got everything dialed in the results were always consistent and of excellent quality.  Many of my favorite images from my return to film came from this lab.

Denver Film PHotography_0849Denver Film PHotography_0850Denver Film PHotography_0851Denver Film PHotography_0852Denver Film PHotography_0853Denver Film PHotography_0854Denver Film PHotography_0855Denver Film PHotography_0856Denver Film PHotography_0857Denver Film PHotography_0858Denver Film PHotography_0859Denver Film PHotography_0860Denver Film PHotography_0861Denver Film PHotography_0862Denver Film PHotography_0863Denver Film PHotography_0864Denver Film PHotography_0865Denver Film PHotography_0866Denver Film PHotography_0867Denver Film PHotography_0868Denver Film PHotography_0869Denver Film PHotography_0870Denver Film PHotography_0871



I feel that regardless of if you’re new to film or returning to film you really owe it to yourself to give Indie Film Labs a try.   They are one of the top labs in the country and there’s a very good chance they are going to be the perfect for you and your style.

If it wasn’t for the wonderful quality of results I received from them I may have relegated film to just an occasional personal project instead of something that would shape the look and feel of my business and artwork.


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