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Little Film Lab

I came across Little Film Lab in mid-2014 and while their services and prices where at first glance totally smack dab in the middle of the ‘film lab road’ however;  they were one of the few labs at the time that offered true E6 slide processing while most other labs at that time only offered cross processing of slide film.

Costs & Offerings

In mid 2015 they are almost a perfect example of a typical modern film processing and scanning operation.  Noritsu and Frontier.  Larger scanning options available in an Imacon.  Prices right where you’d expect for a pro lab in 2015.


My experience with the lab

I did process a smattering of regular color Portra film and some B&W film through LFL, what really grabbed my attention was the true E6 slide processing.   Heck I used to shoot slide film in studio – there’s something wonderful about dropping a slide on a light panel.

While their color and B&W processing was quite good, and prices maybe a dollar or two cheaper than what I was accustomed to, it just wan’t good enough to switch over permanently.  And now that labs like Indie and FIND also offer E6 (or at least soon will) I’m not sure how much future business they’ll get from my shooting.

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While I don’t currently use them for any of my film use – they are an excellent lab.   If you’re unhappy with your current lab or just looking for a lab that closely matches your own style and vision you should be giving a look to Little Film Lab.


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