The first steps back – 2012 and the Holga

In 2012 it had been just over a decade since I had opted to go all digital, falling in love with the seemingly low cost (well other they bodies being outdated every 2-3 years).   A local group of photographers was planning on doing a Holga only film shoot, so picked one up and loaded the first roll of film I’d shot in a decade.

The Holga is a medium format “toy” camera.   A zone or range manual focus, and no other real controls.  Just compose and expose.

I had a model coming over to the studio and we went out to the back alley to grab a few shots, and the Holga came along, and here’s what I got back from the lab.

Holga camera and Portra 400 film

Holga camera and Portra 400 film

I’d been spending a fair amount of time in photoshop and dropping serious change on “actions” to get this retro look – and here it was out of a cheap plastic toy camera.

I was hooked.

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