Throwback Thursday – Slide film from 1995, Ireland


One of the great things about film is it’s such a wonderful long term storage device, and the technology to capture the image from the film to a digital image to work with in todays world continues to advance.

For example here’s some slide film captures I took on a trip to Ireland in 1995, twenty years ago.   Using a simple slide dupe device I can easily get 12-16 megapixels scans of these slides.  If I needed something really big I can have the slide professionally scanned and get something in the range of 30-80 megapixels in size.   Now that’s full frame baby.

On the flip side that 3.1 megapixel image from Canons very first DSLR  the D30 (no not the 30D) is still just a 3.1 megapixel image, that’s the best it will ever be.

Denver Film PHotography_0810Denver Film PHotography_0811Denver Film PHotography_0812Denver Film PHotography_0813Denver Film PHotography_0814Denver Film PHotography_0815Denver Film PHotography_0816Denver Film PHotography_0817Denver Film PHotography_0818Denver Film PHotography_0819Denver Film PHotography_0820Denver Film PHotography_0821

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