Caitlin – Forest Dreams

When kicking around ideas for a shoot with Caitlin I was inspired by her tattoo work – subtle yet with a strong goddess/cup/chalice feel to it.   I wanted to focus on this a bit and then do some experimental stuff for another project idea.

This was also the first shoot with the Mamiya RZ67proII instead of the Pentax 645n as my medium format body – but with the theme only about 25% of the images where shot medium format – by far most where shot in 35mm with a combination of the Nikon F100 and Canon T90.  The decision for the shift to more 35mm was led mostly by the films I wanted to use and the fact I was shooting a handmade pinhole lens on the T90.   Specific details of some of these items will be in followup posts.

Colorado Film Photography_0114Colorado Film Photography_0115Colorado Film Photography_0116Colorado Film Photography_0117Colorado Film Photography_0118Colorado Film Photography_0119Colorado Film Photography_0120Colorado Film Photography_0121Colorado Film Photography_0122Colorado Film Photography_0123Colorado Film Photography_0124Colorado Film Photography_0125

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