Forest Dance – Pentax 645N and Kodak Portra 400

If the shoot is a person and I want color – you can bet on the fact I’m going to have Kodak Portra 160 and 400 ready and loaded.   While Portra 160 gives ever so better results in the right light – the shear versatility of Portra 400 is unmatched and it is my goto film if I’m not 100% sure of the light conditional I’ll be dealing with.

As for the gear, this was the last shoot with the Pentax 645N before I sold it.   Looking at the quality of these images it’s hard to find any fault with results from this wonderful camera.   It is without a doubt the finest 645 medium format camera out there for weddings and portraits in my opinion – yeah a lot of people rave about the Contax – until the fickle POS dies on you mid shoot because it’s too (insert one:  hot, cold, humid, dry, Saturday, month with an R, etc).   If I was focusing still on weddings and portraits – this would be my goto camera – but it just doesn’t feel right in my hands if I’m not shooting a wedding or portrait.

Colorado Film Photography_0085Colorado Film Photography_0086Colorado Film Photography_0087


I also decided to break out some “off camera lighting” for this shoot.   In this case I was using a trio of Cactus FR60 flash units being fired by a cactus V6 transceiver.  These are left over from the wedding days when I’d rock these things for wedding receptions – but the truth is film responds even better to digital to flash.

Colorado Film Photography_0088Colorado Film Photography_0089Colorado Film Photography_0090Colorado Film Photography_0091Colorado Film Photography_0092Colorado Film Photography_0093Colorado Film Photography_0094Colorado Film Photography_0095Colorado Film Photography_0096Colorado Film Photography_0097Colorado Film Photography_0098Colorado Film Photography_0099




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