Forest Dance with Canon T90 and Efke 25

The last few images from the Forest Dance shoot have a bit of a different feel since they are the only part of the shoot captured on 35mm film instead of medium format film.

Efke 25 is an old single layer silver B&W film that is still in production.   Not my favorite by any means – but the super slow ISO allows shooting wide open even on sunny days.

The Canon T90 is an interesting camera.  It’s a bridge between the older AE-1 style of SLR and the EOS line.   It still uses FD lenses and is fully manual focus, but has the autowind, hand grip, and exposure features of the early EOS film cameras.  Oh and it flash syncs at 1/250 – something a Canon 5Dmkanything has yet to do.

Most of these where shot on a Canon FD 50mm F1.4 – wide open.  This allowed me to start experimenting with some looks for a future project.

Colorado Film Photography_0108Colorado Film Photography_0109Colorado Film Photography_0110Colorado Film Photography_0111Colorado Film Photography_0112Colorado Film Photography_0113


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