Life at f2 – a new beginning


Trying to decide what to do next with my photography is like walking through athe neighborhood on a foggy morning, non-distinct shapes, even the familiar seems different now.   The old blogs both wedding and film don’t seem to fit anymore, so I started this blog to have a place to do more than just posting images on instagram.

I expect this blog to be more about life as a photographer than anything too focused on  subject or style.  One post might be about a family trip and the next a session on one of my ongoing projects.  I’ve spent too much time the last two years trying to figure where to focus my photography work instead of just picking a direction and starting to walk down the road.   Like many things I need to focus more on the road and the journey and let go of the worrying about the destination

my goal is to feature just current work although I might make an exception for things I never had a place to blog fully in the past

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