The shedding of the gear

Despite retiring from full time wedding photography over two years ago I still find myself falling victim to an affliction in the photography community known as GAS.   Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

It’s that compulsive behavior to constantly add more gear to the kit.   At one time I had close to 20 different cameras between my film and digital kits, and far too many lenses for all of them.  I’ve been working on taming my GAS affliction over the years and with this new start comes another round of shredding the excess.   When the Fuji XPRO-2 cam out last year I had it pre-ordered, same with the Fuji X-T2, and while they are both wonderful pieces of kit, I don’t “need” them both.

If anything I’ve found that having too much gear gets in the way of the creative process.   Too much time is spent trying to figure out which camera and lenses to use today and not enough time spent shooting.   While I’m not quite ready to go “1 camera, 1 lens” I feel good about getting the entire kit down to something that can fit in a single bag.

So after working with both the XPRO-2 and X-T2 I’ve opted to let the XPRO-2 go, and this morning it was boxed up and mailed to it’s new owner.   If I was still shooting weddings it would have likely been the one I kept, the rangefinder styling seeming perfect for those photo-journalistic shots I loved so much.  The work I’m doing now and going forward the X-T1 and it’s lovely tilt screen just seem a touch more in line with my future plans.

Most of the film gear is gone as well, leaving a single medium format and 35mm left for those pursuits.

On some future post I’ll detail the current kit.

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